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Chyllis, A Special Project Inspired By Lisa

Chyllis, A Special Project Inspired By Lisa

September 16, 2018

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

This one is mostly for teachers and teacher educators.  You may remember my former student, Lisa, who read 2, 648 picture books during the last school year.  This activity triggered the idea generator* for another former student, Chyllis.

Chyllis and Lisa had never met each other, although they both went to CSU, Stanislaus for their masters degrees, and they  both lived and taught near Turlock, CA, although during different years.

In the following post, I will first re-post the blog about Lisa reading so many picture books, and then I will post Chyl’s reflection and her follow up activity with her present graduate students this year at UNLV, where she is now teaching.

Lisa, You Read 2,648 Picture Books This Year? Tell Us More.

Chyllis Writes To Lisa

In what follows, Chyllis shares the letter which she wrote to Lisa.

Dear Lisa, it is a pleasure to meet you. I am from the Turlock area, I taught at Waterford Middle School while I was completing my MA. Now one of my doctoral students from UNLV is a new professor at Stan State. It seems there are lots of connections for us.

Chyllis’s Project: Becoming a Better Me

I was sharing with Joan that this semester I am requiring my MA students to do a personal project, called: Becoming a Better Me. Your story about the picture books prompted this assignment. Additionally, I am doing the assignment with my students. Most of my research is in mentoring and disciplinary literacy. My deficit is children’s literature, so I am reading at least one picture book a day as my project. I shared my project and Joan’s page with your interview with my graduate students.

The following is one example of a project which you inspired. Thank you.

Brenda, Chyllis’s Grad Student, Describes Her Project 

While teaching preschool I read many picture books and bought even more. Since I have many picture books I’d like to read all of those books and find new ones to read. I teach seven resource classes a day, so I can read seven picture books a day. The books that are well received will find a place in my classroom library the rest will get one more chance with a different class and if they don’t excite the students they will be culled.

This “reading picture books” aloud will bring me back to my love of reading, expose all of my students to read alouds, and create an exciting classroom library all at the same time. I will compile a list of each book chosen and share with not only my follow class attendees, but my work colleagues as well.”

Chyllis Continues Her Letter to Lisa

Lisa, thank you for the inspiration and motivation.  I would love to have you virtually attend my class if you would like, and we meet on Tuesdays from 4:15 pm – 6:45pm. If this is of interest to you, please let me know and we can set it up. 

*So, what the heck is the idea generator?  Be sure to read the next issue of WinkWorld in a few days.





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