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Storytelling: Do I have anything?

Storytelling: Do I have anything?

January 8, 2019

Dear WinkWorld Readers, recently I was asked by a colleague if I had anything on storytelling: Yes.

You may remember in December, I laid out my Spring 2019 writing plans, and one of my goals was to share with all of you when someone asks for some content, which might be hanging out in my computer. Here we go…

In what follows, I have placed a visual Table of Contents (TOC) which my friend, Missy Urbaniak, made as a surprise for me about a year ago. These are the titles of the chapters in The Power of Story. 

The visual TOC of the chapter headings is followed by some live links about storytelling, which my colleague (and you) might enjoy. Finally, I will close with an image of the complete visual TOC of The Power of Story, which Missy also made for me.

A fun Visual Table of Contents of The Power of Story. You can drag/drop this image to your desktop, where it will be large enough to read.
Hope you enjoy.

In the next WinkWorld, I will copy/paste the story of our fall 2018, which Dawn, our daughter wrote about in her DewDrops.

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