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SD Board of Regents

SD Board of Regents

April 23, 2023

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

My six-year term of service as a member of the South Dakota Board of Regents has ended, and the other members of the board, the central staff, and academic leaders of the six universities and two special school gave me a very special “send-off” which I will always  treasure.  During my term of service, I had the opportunity to make incredible memories and friendships which I will carry always in my heart.

The following photos capture the joy which I experienced. Thank you to Elizabeth Varin of Northern State University and Shuree Mortenson, Director of Communications, of the SD Board of Regents.

I must have been pretty happy with whatever was just said.  I love looking at the expressions on the faces of my friends, the academic folks, behind me.

Dr. Erin Fouberg, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dr. Anna Schwan, Dean of School of Business and Interim Dean of School of Education of Northern State University.

Harvey Jewett, Regent Board president from 1997 to 2017.

A  humbling moment…

These are my fellow board members.

I  gave a book as my gift to each board member.  I wrapped each Little Golden  book without  a name tag and  told them that the gifts were similar and different, and if they did not like their book, they could trade. I did notice that Judge Bastian received the book on Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and Jeff Partridge received the book on Dolly Parton, so in the end it must be true that the universe takes care of all of us.

You can see that it was a moment which I will treasure forever. Thank you, friends.






  • Joe Ward

    Congratulations! Loved the various books you gave to your colleagues…. and the beautiful smile on your face at your last Board meeting. Best wishes in “retirement”.

  • Annie Wilkinson

    Great photos Joan. South Dakota Board of Regents was blessed to have you. xxoo

  • Kathy K. Grow

    Thanks, Joan, for taking on this task. Clearly, your work — and you! — were much appreciated by your colleagues.

  • Congratulations Dr. Wink!! Should I save all the “Dr. Wink for Chairwoman for the SD Board of Regents” that I had printed?

  • Janelle Toman

    What a special moment for you! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your service and insight in these challenging times for higher education.

    • Joan Wink

      Thanks for your service, too. You were always there for me during my time there. I will treasure the memories.

  • Tad Perry

    Regent Wink. You were an exceptional regent. Thanks for special leadership.

    • Joan Wink

      High praise, indeed, Tad. And, I might add that you, too, were exceptional. Thanks for all you did in higher ed in South Dakota.

  • Julie Johnson

    Very special! Sorry to miss this! Thank you for your service! You will be missed!

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