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Meet A Brand-new Doc: Dr. York

Meet A Brand-new Doc: Dr. York

July 5, 2021

Dear WinkWorld Readers

I am happy to introduce you to a former student, Ana York, who recently completed her doctorate from Grand Canyon University (GCU).  I was honored to be a part of her doctoral committee.  I will be writing more about Ana in a later WinkWorld, but for now, I appreciate Ashlee Larrison and Grand Canyon University Today for sharing their article about Ana. 

California State University Stanislaus friends, do you recognize Ana?

From young bride to doctorate: an inspiring story

On to a totally different topic–this is for the WinkWorld Readers, who have been following the literacy stories of Scruffy.  Next week he makes the long-awaited trip to NYC to see those two lions in front of the NYC Library.  He is so excited, as he packs for the trip.


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