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Nadifa: An Interview by KELO.

Nadifa: An Interview by KELO.

January 27, 2018

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

Recently, I posted a short piece about Nadifa, and I’m thrilled that she has now been interviewed by a TV station, KELO, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Many, many thanks to Nadifa, KELO, and the colleagues at University Center (UC) located in Sioux Falls.

Below here, I am linking to  (a) the South Dakota University Center, (b) my previous post about Nadifa, and (c) the new interview of her which was aired January 26, 2017.

a) South Dakota University Center

b) My previous post about Nadifa.

The Harvest of my Career: And, a Refugee from Chad

c) And, finally the new KELO interview of Nadifa.







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