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Except from: Wink, J. (2010, 4/e, p.156) Critical Pedagogy: Notes from the REAL WORLD. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.


How to Do It

  • Students choose any portion of the text and read it silently.
  • Students write privately in their journals their reactions to the passage.
  • Each student shares the passage from the text and her written reflections with another student.

In small-group or whole-group activities, I believe there has to be an understanding that students can choose not to share. They may simply say, “I pass.”

The Experience

Fiona wrote the following in her class ethnography: “We enjoyed the quiet, reflective time to think and write. We discovered that we liked accessing the text on our own terms. And we particularly valued sharing our private reactions with only one other person.”