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Welcome to this section of my webpages,

In this section of my webpages, my goal is to share some of the treasures which are regularly turned in for various class assignments. First, let me introduce you to the students in my classes.

I am blessed to teach tired teachers. The adults who enroll in my classes have very complex and demanding lives. When they arrive in my class at 5 p.m., they have all had a full, rich day with many other important responsibilities. Most have been up very early; washed a load of clothes; made breakfast for their families; prepared school lunches; driven their own kids to school; taught all day; attended after-school meetings; picked up their kids; driven to campus; found a parking space; and still get to class on time.

I’m sure you understand why I enjoy my work so much. I spend my time with committed professionals, who often at great personal and financial sacrifice, choose to continue to teach and learn. Our time together offers us many perspectives on pedagogy. In this section of my webpages, my goal is to share some of these perspectives.



5 Ism’s – Maaria Thompson

Kohn, Motivation, and Me – by Crystal Hammers

Areli’s Pedagogy Tree

Jennifer Thompson Graphic 1
Jennifer Thompson Graphic 2
Jennifer Thompson Graphic 3

Natalie den Dulk – Summary of Learning

Bilingual House
The Real World of Teaching

Karalee McClymont letter to Alfie Kohn

3 Perspectives on Pedagogy – By Dayna L. Watland

The following websites are being shared by the graduate students from EDML
5000, Multilingual Education in the Content Areas. Thanks to JP for organizing them for us.