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WinkWorld June 2013

Hello Friends,
As you know, WinkWorld tends to be an assortment of diverse ideas, which I find interesting. Pedagogy (teaching and learning) is the glue, which holds it all together. Once again in this issue, you will find summaries of stuff hanging around my desk, living on my desktop, and/or bouncing around in my head.

What was educationally significant and hard to measure has been replaced with what is educationally insignificant and easy to measure.
So now we measure how well we taught what isn’t worth learning.

~Arthur Costa
Professor Emeritus California State University

Andrew Zolli
Resiliency! We, teachers, will understand his thoughts on the value of being resilient. He does hardiness research: Gotta love this!

Ordinary Magic, No Less Magical

TED Talks
Rita Pierson
Every Kid Needs a Champion

International Journal of Foreign Language Education
FREE (Open Access)
Filled with current research and great teacher-to-teacher articles. For those of you following TPRS, you will find Blaine Ray here, also.
Previously on WinkWorld, I have shared some examples of this exciting method. WinkWorld, Oct. 2012 WinkWorld, Sept. 2012
Go to Search (over on the lower left of my web pages) and type in TPRS.

The Backseat Linguist: Thank you Jeff McQuillan and Lucy Tse
The Backseat Linguistic Blog: Commentary on research in second language acquisition and language education.
ESLPod, or English as a Second Language Podcast
A minimal charge comes with the podcast.
What do I get when I become a member?

How Brave Children Walk To School Around the World
Ali Adelstein
If you are a Google + user.

Sir Ken Robinson
How To Escape Education’s Death Valley
10 of his TED Talks

Loving Those Libraries
Many public libraries now have software to share eBooks. In addition, many libraries support processes, which enhance communities of readers: More SOLE (see next post). I hope you will check out what your own public library is doing.

Here is what our local library (Sturgis Public Library, 85 m. away) is doing.
Overdrive’s (a software program) Big Library Read is a pilot program, which joins readers worldwide, as they read the same book. Now, this is what I call a book club.
SD Titles To Go recently read Four Corners of the Sky by Michael Malone. See more at

Little Free Libraries
“The way it works…”

Renfrew County Book Tree

Book Tree to Book Forest
And, you can use Google Images to see some of the forest (of books!)
O Canada!

‘Lil Bit Brit (little free library)
WinkWorld, Februrary 2013

Recently, I was caught in a rainstorm in Rapid City, South Dakota, and fortunately I was very close to a bookstore. I made it to the front door, and the heavens opened up with heavy rain. I was giddy to be in a bookstore alone, and I enjoyed 45 minutes of uninterrupted time with books, books, books. When I left the store, I was a bit poorer and happier. It was only after I got home that I realized what a diverse collection of books, which I had purchased:
Brilliant Blunders: from Darwin to Einstein by Mario Livio
Willie Nelson by LIFE ICONS
The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America by David Stockman,
Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake: A Memoir of a Woman’s Life, and several books for various kids.

I’m guessing that yesterday I was the only person in that bookstore to buy a book by Stockman (a private equity investor and Reagan’s financial budget director), Livio (an astrophysicist), Quindlen (a chronicler of the real life of women), and Nelson (a singer). OK, it’s true: When I got home, I grabbed Quindlen and started reading.

SOLE (Self-Organizing Learning Environments) Sugata Mitra
Once you begin to understand Mitra’s ideas of SOLE, you see it everywhere: great classrooms, libraries, books clubs, virtual communities.
Here is Mitra’s plan.
We will be hearing more about SOLE in the coming months.
Previously, I have mentioned Mitra’s ideas.

Where in the World is Myanmar/Burma?
Find Myanmar/Burma

Please note how Myanmar/Burma and Thailand share a border; the refugee camps are in Thailand.
Karen Refugees
Several states in the upper Midwest and Northern Plain states now have Karen-speaking children and students in their schools.
Thank you to Jo Holzer for calling our attention to this CNN feature on these refugees.

FVR (Free Voluntary Reading)
Resiliency: Why Things Bounce Back by Andrew Zolli and Ann Marie Healy
Click here for your copy

Books for Teachers
Writing to Change the World by Mary Pipher
Click here for your copy
Even if you are not a teacher, I suspect you might like Mary Pipher books.

New Angels
Dear Uncle Herb (VA), Jerry (AZ), Karen (SD), Ernest (SD)

Welcome To The World
Ezra (CA), Ryan Chandler (PA)

Notes from the Real World

Need I say more? The highlight of the month.

Prairie Pedagogy
Country Kids’ School Shoes, May 2013

Grandparent Day, Enning School
I was invited to be a “substitute Grammie,” as one real grandmothers was not able to make it for this special day.

Wyatt, 17, Our First-born Grandson
While he was here, we had our branding.
We brought in the cows.

This is what branding looks like when all is going well.
3 horses/ropes tight

I particularly enjoy watching the dads help their kids learn to hold calves.

While Wyatt was here, . . .
He branded.

He wrestled calves.

He mowed and mowed.

He fenced.

He lifted heavy things.

He fished.

He cleaned fish.

He fed Normie, who lost her mama.

We had new baby colts.

Dawn Wink: Dewdrops
Raven’s Time: Wildness and Beauty

When Your Dad’s a Cowboy