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WinkWorld March 2013

Hello Friends,
In this issue of WinkWorld, you will find:

Loving those libraries
One Book South Dakota
South Dakota has chosen their book for all of us to read and share this year. Check with your local library for a copy.
The Long-Shining Waters by Danielle Sosin or Click here for your book.

Reading in Qatar
In WinkWorld, February 2013 (, I share a bit about my trip to Qatar, and I talked briefly of Education City. Now, I would like to share a short article from a teacher from MN, who now lives/teaches in Education City. I met Lindsay, when she was a student in one of my classes in Mallorca.

Reading in Qatar by Lindsay Peak.

TESOL 2013 in Dallas

Writers’ Workshop Resources: Lakota

Melissa Behrens and Leah Krauth and I will be presenting a Writers’ Workshop celebrating the Lakota language at TESOL.

Mandy White a teacher from Hot Spring SD shares another good example of Writers’ Workshop. I believe this model will help teachers who are doing Writers’ Workshop in their own classrooms.

Biliteracy: Our Best Bet
   Cummins Multiliteracies Chart
   Scaffold Handout
   TESOL 2012 Participants’ Comments

Language Acquisition: How long does it take?
A long time.
I always love and hate to hear this question. I love it, as I know teachers and families care so much and are trying to do the right thing. I hate it, as each child, teacher, family is unique. However, from longitudinal research we know that it can take 5 to 10 years (in some cases) to acquire language at grade level in all content areas. People never like to learn this, but then if you simply think of yourself trying to become a proficient bilingual (including biliterate across all content), you begin to appreciate how long it takes.

Here is a little summary of the research, which I wrote for the teacher who asked me this question.
Read Summary

FVR (Free Voluntary Reading)
Goosebumps by RL Stine

Goosebumps Books

Books for Teachers
Bilingual Is Better by Ana L. Flores & Roxana A. Soto
Click here for your copy.

New Angels
Denny (IA), Dick (AZ)

Welcome to the World

Vivie (WDC), Mckenna Grace (SD), Antonio Davide (Italy)

Notes from the Real World
Arena Bar, Benson AZ, a Celebration of the Life of Dick Jones
As often happens, weddings and funerals become wonderful reunions for extended family and friends, and this is exactly what happened with the sad passing of Dick Jones. Dick and Diane Jones have been central to the community of Benson where I taught, not only their kids, but also many of their kids’ friends. These are “the Benson Kids,” who really taught me to teach.

To know more about Dick Jones,

First, did I ever think I would attend a memorial at the Arena Bar? As I think back 25-30 years ago and the Arena Bar, I primarily remember beer, dirt, and darkness. It’s the only bar I know, where they also have an arena for cattle and horse events. And, now I will remember the Arena Bar as the place of the wonderful reunion of some of “the Benson kids” who came to honor Dick’s memory.

Renee, Melissa, Cynthia, Diana, Debbie, Robert

Joan, Stephanie, Teresa, Scott

Tucson Festival of Books
March 14-15, 2014

Daddy, are they going to have this again next year?” I heard a little girl with a funny painted face say pleadingly to her dad as they sat on the grass to eat their sandwiches on the grassy mall at the University of Arizona.
“Yes, indeed. Mark your calendar, March 14-15, 2014 now for the Tucson Festival of Books,” I responded to her, as I walked by.

Calling all wild and crazy readers and story-tellers: This is the place for you next year. A wonderful family event wrapped in literacy and learning. This grand tradition began only 5 years ago, and 100,000 people strolled around the UofA, which runs down the center of the campus. This is the most amazing celebration of literacy by the community and the university! A few other images, which I enjoyed:

  • large interactive crossword puzzles where total strangers collaborated
  • hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people standing in long, long lines to get into huge ballrooms to hear their favorite authors;
  • children with painted faces;
  • Science City;
  • a huge story blanket where well-known childrens’ authors came to read to the enthralled children;
  • free water bottles being handed-out to anyone passing by, who needed one;
  • children with new books eagerly reading to their families.
  • an older Latina woman, who was avidly reading about Rastafarian. OK, it is a good time to remember what Rastafarian is:
  • And, did I mention hundreds of authors and thousands of books? And, laughter?

The night before the Festival of Books, I attended a banquet as a guest of the Stocker Foundation. Here is my friend, Mary Ann Stocker Dobras.

I loved watching the ceiling celebration of literacy at the banquet last night.

RL Stine was at our table; Austin and I were thrilled.

JA Jance and Lu�s Alberto Urrea were at tables beside us. And, yes, I have autographs. A great, evening of celebrating literacy.

Tohono Chul, an urban park: Another great secret in Tucson

Plaza of Honor at the University of Arizona

Inspirational Women

Joan’s shoes

Mary Ann’s shoes

Dawn Wink, DewDrops

School Stuff: Some Thoughts on Teaching and Learning

Church Stuff: Some Thoughts on Why Go To Church